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Airs and Airs II
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 Airs II
by Jefferson Classical Guitar Society members
The Jefferson Classical Guitar Society is proud to announce the release of its new compilation CD, “Airs II.”

As a follow-up to our very successful first CD “Airs”, released in 2004, this recording features 18 performances by 9 members of the Society.  It contains over an hour of great music, including classical, Latin American, flamenco, Renaissance, and original works.  It also includes beautiful cover art by our own Haila Williams.

If you want to hear 30-second samples of the tracks, just click the links below.

Each sample is about 180KB, for those of you who care.

The CDs are now on sale at “CD or Not CD” in downtown Ashland (343 E. Main Street).  Just look for the display at the front counter or ask their staff about it.  At $14.99, this CD makes a unique and lovely gift, and all proceeds go to benefit the Guitar Society.

The Society would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Blackstone Audio Books in Ashland ( for donating all of the printing and packaging of the CDs.  They are a local gem, a small but growing audio book producer who is garnering national awards for their work, beating out some of the large publishers in the process.  If you don’t know about them, we recommend a visit to their offices at 31 Mistletoe Rd. on the south side of Ashland.

Airs II Play List

(Click links to play or right-click to download)

Nathan Hoyt (age 10)

1 Matteo Carcassi: Etude No. 9                                      2:09

Maurya Murphey

2 Máximo Diego Pujól: Curda Tangeada                     2:56

3 Máximo Diego Pujól: Tristango Envos                      4:03

Jeff Rinkoff

4 Félix Luna/Ariel Ramírez: Alfonsina y el Mar           5:37

Ian Scionti

5 Miguel Ángel Cortes: Tarantas                                   6:32

Dan Ferris

6 Antonio Lauro: El Negrito                                     2:47

7 Heitor Villa-Lobos: Choros Typicos                           3:31

Jaxon Williams

8 J. S. Bach: Prelude from “4th Lute Suite”                  5:40

9 Enrique Granados: Spanish Dance No. 5                 5:28

Steve Berman (vihuela)

10 Luys Milan: Fantasia                                                   2:25

11 Luys Milan: Pavan No. 6                                            1:14

12 Luys Milan: Pavan No. 4                                            1:28

Grant Ruiz

13 Harold Arlen: Somewhere Over the Rainbow         2:18

14 Traditional flamenco: Soleá por Bulerías       5:45

Joseph Thompson

15 Joseph Thompson: Lullabye                                     2:47

16 Joseph Thompson: Willow Dance                            3:18

Dark Rose Trio (Thompson, Berman, Ruiz)

17 Astor Piazzolla: Milonga del Angel                           6:25

18 Manuel Ponce: Estrellita                                             2:37

by Jefferson Classical Guitar Society members
Eight professional members of the JCGS came together to produce this delightful collection of pieces for the “Airs” CD. The recording represents offerings of classical, flamenco, folk, jazz, and opera and includes music from Spain, France, Italy, Scotland, Russia, North America, and South America. The beautiful cover artwork was produced by JCGS member, Haila Williams. Printing and CD reproduction and materials were donated by Blackstone Audio Books, in Ashland, Oregon. All proceeds go to benefit the JCGS.

This CD is available for purchase for $15.00. For more information, contact Roma Sprung at: 541-488 3521.

Contents of Airs:

David C. Rogers
1. Turlough O’Carolan: Planxty Fanny Power
2. Georges Bizet: Habanera from Carmen
Jaxon Williams
3. Antonio Lauro: Prelude
4. José Luis Merlin: Evocation
Jeff Rinkoff
5. Manuel de Falla: Homenaje Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy
Dan Ferris
6. Heitor Villa-Lobos: Mazurka from the Suite Populaire Brasillienne
7. Rodgers and Hart: My Funny Valentine
Grant Ruiz
8. Traditional flamenco: Alegrías
9. Erik Satie: Gymnopedie No. 1
Steve Berman
10. Atahualpa Yupanqui: Huayra
11. Traditional Sefardic: Debajo de la Rosa (with Leticia Martinez)
David W. Rogers
12. Jaques Ibert: Entr’acte (with Vieri Bottazzini)
Joseph Thompson
13. Francisco Tárrega: Capricho Árabe
14. Antonio Vivaldi: Allegro from Concerto in D (with James Edwards)
Dark Rose Trio (Thompson, Berman, Ruiz)
15. Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin: Piano Etude No. 1
16. Enrique Granados: Spanish Dance No. 6


David Rogers
3 Guitars

David Rogers performs on vihuela, baroque guitar and classical guitar on this recording, all instruments built by the luthier, Larry K. Brown of North Carolina. On vihuela, he performs four Fantasias, two Pavanas and one Tientos by Luis Milan. On baroque guitar, he plays a Chiaconna by F. Corbetta and Suite in Dminor by Robert De Visée. On the classical guitar, he offers three works by Fernando Sor, two works by Agustin Barrios Mangoré and an original arrangement of an Afro-American spiritual, “There is a balm in Gilead.” For more information on this recording, click here: 3 Guitars

Jaxon Williams
Acorde Perdido

This recording features the solo guitar work of 14 year old Ashland guitarist, Jaxon Williams. Opening with JS Bach’s, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, the recording includes music composed by Robert Johnson, Leopold Mozart, Fernando Sor, Mauro Guilliani, Matteo Carcassi, Francisco Tarrega, Antonio Lauro. The title work, “Acorde Perdido” (The Lost Chord) was written by the guitarist. The title is a reference to a weeks long search for a chord in the piece which he could hear but could not find. For more information on this recording, click here: Acorde Perdido

Joseph Thompson and James Edwards
Baroque Masterworks for Two Guitars

This CD is the recording which accompanies the book of duets arranged by Ashland guitarist, Joseph Thompson and Santa Barbara guitarist, James Edwards and published by Mel Bay Publications. It includes works for two guitars by the High Baroque composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Domenico Scarlatti, George Friederich Handel, Georg Phillip Telemann, and Domenico Zipoli. For more information on this recording, click here: Baroque Masterworks for Two Guitars

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