Members Music Library

JCGS Lending Library Collection July 3, 2004
Music Librarian: Haila Williams
Note: The JCGS Music Library is available for your perusal at each of our monthly meetings.

  • The Classical Guitar in Spain
  • Classical Guitar in Spain
  • Michael Lorimer Editions
    Johann Sebastian Bach:
    Cello Suite I
    Cello Suite II
    Cello Suite III
    Cello Suite IV
    Cello Suite V / Lute Suite III
    Cello Suite VI
  • Parkening and the Guitar: Music of Two Centuries
    Vol. 1
    Vol. 2
  • F. Tarrega: Obras Classicos y Romanticos
    Libro 1
    Album 2
  • Francisco Tarrega: Complete Technical Studies
  • Joaquin Rodrigo: Fantasia Para un Gentilhombre (pour Guitar and Orchestra)
  • Soaquin Turina: Sonata
  • Maurice Ravel: Pavanne pour une Infante Defunte (for solo guitar)
  • Grandados: Valse Poeticos (para piano)
  • H. Villa Lobos: Sextuor Mystique
  • Isaias Savio: Batacuda
  • Gilbert Biberian: Four Waltzes
  • Webster Young: Tremor Prelude in e Mixolydian
  • Leo Brouwer : Variations sur un theme de Django Reinhardt
  • Scott Joplin: For Guitar
  • GeorgeVan Eps: Original Guitar Solos
  • George Van Eps
  • Allan Holdsworth: Reaching for the Uncommon Chord
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Jimmy Wible: The Art of Two-Line Improvisation
  • Allan Shearer: Slur Ornament and Reach development Exercises
  • Vladimir Bobri: 130 Daily Studies for the Classsic Guitar

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