Woman Playing the Guitar School of Venice, 17th centuryWelcome to the Member’s Page of the JCGS Website. It is dedicated to the many and varied guitar related activities of our membership. You don’t have to be a JCGS member to visit this page. Follow the links listed below to read about the wide variety of guitar related activities in which JCGS members are involved.

Membership News
A compilation of news items about performances and other guitar related activities involving members of the JCGS.

Member’s Articles
A variety of interesting articles by members of JCGS including reviews of concerts, workshops and books.

Guitar Poetry and Art
A compilation of poetry about the guitar compiled by the JCGS poetry page editor, Steve Berman.

Guest Articles
These are articles of interest either contributed by folks outside the JCGS area or gleaned from the WWW.

Member’s Recordings
This page offers a list of recordings by members of the JCGS.

Member’s Music Library
This page offers a list items available in the JCGS Music Lending Library.

JCGS Meetings Archives Index
This link will take you to the archives of the JSCG. These pages are an up to date collection of the agendas and minutes of all of our meetings since our inception, on October 5th 2001. If you are interested in our history or want to know what we have been doing, this is the place to go.

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