Live Performing Tips

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.
When you bring what is within out into the world…Miracles Happen.
Henry David Thoreau

Paschal Winery is the perfect canvass for emerging and established artists. At Paschal we are surrounded by
friends and associates who join us each month to support and enjoy music performed live. It’s a rare opportunity
to perform in a quiet, respectful setting for people who genuinely appreciate musical art.
Here are some live performing “Tips” that can help extract the peak musical expression that lies within all of us.

  • Practice two songs, till they flow out of you effortlessly…like warm honey.
  • Arrive early (or practice right before you arrive) for at least 30 minutes. It’s best to do this without
    distractions or interruptions AND it’s important to do so at full expression. Lazy warmups are barely
    worth the effort.
  • Take 10 minutes to retune your instrument. Learn to tune within “One Cent” increments. When possible,
    perform with fresh strings (steel string guitars) that have relieved themselves and stabilized.
  • Don’t begin a performance or interrupt a performance with excuses. If you’re able, and have done 1
    through 3, then share your music. Even a 70% performance is 100% to your audience.
  • Begin by easing into your timing, rhythm and attack. Audiences cannot hear this ebb and flow. This will
    create the space needed for a groove to emerge which can be massaged into a full expression. This also
    lessens the impact of any nuance you consider to be less than “Perfect.” And while we’re on the subject…
  • Don’t allow the pursuit of “Perfection” to disrupt your concentration or erode confidence in your ability to
    deliver a beautiful expression. Listen to old blues artist recordings and discover the difference between a
    “Perfect Performance” and a “Perfect Expression.”
  • If “Perfection” is really what you’re after, buy a decent recording set up and try to record a “Perfect”
    performance. You’ll soon discover that perfection is as elusive as the 7 th Chakra. So, relax and embrace
    your humanity.
  • Don’t Allow Your Mind To Wander. Think ONLY about the next lyric, chord, note, finger positions (right
    and left hand), tempo, syncopation, attack, dynamic, pull off, hammer on, walk down, rhythmic pulse, etc.
    etc. (hopefully you’ve practiced enough so you don’t have to think about these individually)
  • Always practice and perform at maximum immersion so a phone, cough, or dropped fork can’t be heard.
    When fully immersed you should not hear or feel the room, you’re performing in. When finished, return to
    the room, and reorient yourself to your audience…don’t be a Zombie!
    The Paschal family is there to share a personal experience with you. Interact with and appreciate them for their
    participation. They are a sincere group of people and it’s their love of musical art that makes the Paschal Canvas
    an ideal place to share your unique personal expression.
    Now…go forth and paint your Magnum Opus!

Brian Parris
Art Director
Parris-Roche Studios

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