An Offering of Classical Guitar Arrangements

by David Rogers, the Elder


I have posted my classical guitar arrangements on Finale showcase. It can be reached at:

or go to and click on Showcase.

My guitar pieces are all filed under ‘Solo instrumental-guitar’, or search under the title.

The pieces are:

-“Carolan’s Concerto”–Turlough O’Carolan;

-“Carsiski Cucek”- public domain;

-“Maple Leaf Rag”–Scott Joplin;

-‘Largo from ‘Airs for the Seasons”– James Oswald;

-“Take Five”–Paul Desmond;

-“Habanera”– Georges Bizet.

Let me know what you think of these. If you have sound turned on your computer, the mechanical playback should work OK on them.

There is also my arrangement of a charming medley of two semi-children’s ditties; “The Cookie Song and the Donut Song” with song portions from Larry Penn and Ken Kesey. My fingerpicking arrangement should be fun for classical guitarists who want to do more basic picking patterns than “Maple Leaf Rag”. It’s filed under children’s music, but there are serious messages in the lyrics that would hopefully not spoil one’s innocent appreciation.

Best regards,

Dave Rogers (Eugene, Oregon)

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