Recap of the JCGS Meeting for Nov. 11th, 2021

Hello, guitar fans –

Last Thursday we had a wonderful evening with a wide variety of music and musicians at Paschal Winery in Talent. There were 25 in attendance.

Please see ANNOUNCEMENTS below for updates on the Jiji Kim concert below, as well as other news. There’s also a new section on RECOMMENDED VIDEOS to keep you out of trouble.


Mark Williams – La Paloma by Sebastian Iradier, Preludio Triston by Máximo Diego Pujol

Bob Bath – Granada by Isaac Albanez, Stella by Starlight by Victor Young

Milton & Laurel Bloombaum – O Sole Mio, Torna a Surriento (both trad. Italian)

Grant Ruiz & Mark Everson – Taconeo por Fandangos de Huelva (trad. Flamenco)    

Mark Everson – Zapateado (trad. Flamenco)

~ Intermission ~   

Mary La and Grant – Being with You by Grant, Ejercicio by Jose Ferrer (arr. Grant)                                          

Grant – Willow by Andrew York

Dan Fellman & Dayton Dean – Artillery Lourde by Django Reinhart, Minor Swing by Django Reinhart, Lulu Swing by Lulu Reinhart, For Sephora by Stochelo Rosenberg

Grant & Dan – Algodão Doce by Celso Machado, San Sol by Dan Fellman, Entre Dos Aguas by Paco de Lucia


It’s not too late to buy tickets for tomorrow’s 3pm concert with Jiji Kim at the SOU Music Recital Hall. Please visit our site at for tickets. Audience members can enter the building at 2:30pm. According to SOU rules, you must show your vaccination card to a volunteer at the door to enter the building, even if you bought a ticket at Thursday’s meeting. If you already have a ticket, you can enter the recital hall after your card is checked and find your seat; otherwise, you can buy a ticket at the counter as soon as you enter the building and then go to your seat. (Seating is open, not assigned.) Parking is free in the large parking lot across the street from the Music Building at 450 Mountain Ave. There will be only one open door to the building, the southeast entrance which is at the far right corner of the Music Building as you face it from Mountain Ave. We estimate the concert will be no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes, and there will be no intermission. If you need to leave your seat during the concert, we ask that you wait until the current piece is over, and you can be reseated by a house manager after the next break in applause when you return.

For those who can’t make the Jiji concert, you have another opportunity to watch quality music performed via a livestream. The Folias Duo (guitar and flute) will present their November concert at 1pm PST. You can find more information at

Grant Ruiz and Dan Fellman will play tonight (surprise gig!) at Belle Fiore Winery from 5:30 to 7:30pm, then at Paschal Winery’s happy our on Sunday, Nov. 21 from 3:30 to 5:30pm, then at Belle Fiore on Sunday, Nov. 28 from 5 to 7pm.


You can watch the finals of the 2021 GFA International Concert Artists Competition from October 30 at Not to spoil it, but the winner was Bo Byun, originally from South Korea like Jiji Kim, and the first woman to win since Martha Masters in 2000! (The JCGS sponsored Martha in concert in 2004.) The video is almost 4 hours long, but it is indexed so you can skip to the performers. All four of them were brilliant.

Mark Williams requested this message be sent to the mailing list regarding the song Paloma that he played at the meeting: After Mark Williams performed the enormously popular Spanish song “La Paloma,” he referred to a YouTube video that covers the history of the song and how it became so popular around the world. He found it very interesting and recommends it to anyone who has an interest in world music and a spare 17 minutes. See

After a brief discussion at October’s meeting about Agustín Barrios, Mark Turnbull recommended a couple of videos: an audio interview with John Williams about Barrios (, and a performance video by fellow Paraguayan guitarist Berta Rojas sharing Barrios’ music, including ensembles (

Arturo Ville’s friend Fritz Bruné recommended a video of his nephew Marshall Bruné (son of luthier Richard Bruné, Fritz’s brother). The video is a couple of hours long and is a short documentary of helping a guitar player build a classical guitar from scratch. Really cool! See it at

Yamandu Costa is one of the most amazing guitarists in the world. If you haven’t seen him yet, start with his “Choro Loco”: And here’s a show of Yamandu in a guitar trio, a show that Paco de Lucia went out of his way to see in person while on tour in South America:

Respectfully submitted,Grant RuizFlamenco and classical guitaristSecretary, JCGSflamencopacifico.comduoflamenco.com541-261-3811

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