Recap of the JCGS Meeting for Oct. 14th, 2021

Dear guitar fans,

Last Thursday we had a magical evening of instrumental guitar music, discussion, and camaraderie at Paschal Winery. There were 20 people in attendance.

See below for details on an exciting guitar concert coming up on November 14.


Mark Turnbull – “The Trolly Song” from Meet Me in St. Louis, “Hey I Feel Good” (original)

Norm Fletcher – “Yamour” by Andrew York

Mark Everson – “Tangillos” (trad. flamenco), “Soleares” (trad. flamenco)

Mark Everson & Grant Ruiz – “Fandangos de Huelva” (trad. flamenco), “Bulerias in A” (trad. flamenco)

Grant Ruiz – Paso del Norte by Stefan Schyga

~ Intermission ~

Matt Dorris – “Mysterious Habitats” by Dusan Bogdanovic, “Valse Op. 4 No. 3” by Agustín Barrios

Grant Ruiz & Dan Fellman – “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla, “Resolución” by Dan

Arturo Villa – “No e Olvides de Mi” (original), “Sad For You” by The Beatles, “Venus” by Shocking Blue

Arturo Villa & Grant Ruiz – “Variations on Romance”


• The guitar society is proud to announce that we are hosting internationally acclaimed guitarist Jiji Kim on Sunday, November 14 at 3pm at the SOU Music Recital Hall. We haven’t had a concert there since 2008, and we thank Dr. David Keller from the SOU Music Department for this wonderful opportunity. You can find information and videos and start purchasing tickets by clicking on this link. Word of mouth is one of our best advertising tools, and since this is our first concert in a while, we’re truly hoping it will be a success, so please help us spread the word!

Also, we’re looking for volunteers to help out on the day, which will get you a free ticket. Please respond to this message if you’re interested. At the request of SOU, all event attendees must be vaccinated against Covid or able to provide a negative test within 48 hours of the event.

• David Russell has completed another wonderful concert video of Bach (3rd Lute Suite, BWV 995) filmed at an historic Spanish monastery. You can watch it here.

• Both Mark Turnbull and Grant Ruiz recommend a biographical movie about Agustín Barrios Mangoré now available on YouTube. You can watch it here.
• Grant Ruiz and Dan Fellman will perform at Bloomsbury Blends Cafe (541-708-0608) from 5:30 to 7:30pm this Thursday, weather permitting. They will also perform this Sunday at the beautiful Belle Fiore Winery (541-552-4900) from 5 to 7pm. Please call ahead for reservations for these venues.

Respectfully submitted,
Grant RuizFlamenco and classical guitaristSecretary, JCGSflamencopacifico.comduoflamenco.com541-261-3811

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