Recap of the JCGS Music Meeting August 6, 2019

We had a good sized audience for the Folias Duo, including some tango dancers. Unfortunately, not as many local players participated, but it was still a sweet evening.

Bob & Georgie Bergeron – 7 Spanish Angels
Milton & Laurel Bloombaum – Miserlou
Brian Parris – Crying by Roy Orbison, The Heart That You Own by Dwight Yoakum
John Swinnerton – Untitled (original)
Grant Ruiz – Prologue/Overture from La Comedia of Errors (original), Choco by Berto Boyd
Steve Bismark – Doralice by Dorival Caymi

~ Intermission ~

Folias Duo, Carmen Maret (flute) and Andrew Bergeron (guitar):
Creole Ballet (2018) by Carmen Maret/Francisco Canaro 
Zamba I
Soñar y nada mas     
Alpha’s Last Dance (2007) by Carmen Maret
Full Long Nights Moon (2009) by Andrew Bergeron
Mamba Guinee (2013) by Carmen Maret 
Phoenix Trilogy (2016) by Andrew Bergeron
III. Living Now  
Quixote (2018) by Andrew Bergeron  
I. Penance 
II. Chivalry
El Choclo and Lagrimas y Sonrisas (trad.)
Tango arrangements by Bergeron/Maret

“La Comedia of Errors”, a bilingual adaptation of “Comedy of Errors”, is now playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Grant Ruiz composed the music and performs it live on stage at each performance. Tickets are available at

Grant Ruiz will play solo guitar on Saturday, Aug. 17, at the River’s Edge Restaurant in Grants Pass; guitar duets on Sunday, Aug. 25 with Dan Fellman at Belle Fiore from 5-7pm; and solo guitar on Wednesday, Aug. 28, at Belle Fiore from 5-7pm.

Professional flamenco dancer Linda Andrade has recently moved from L.A. to southern Oregon and will be teaching regular classes at Oak St. Dance Studios in Ashland on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm. If you are interested or know anybody who might be, please have them contact Linda at All levels are welcome. Grant Ruiz and Mark Everson will be accompanying the classes.

Respectfully submitted,
Grant Ruiz
Flamenco and classical guitarist
Secretary, JCGS

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