Recap of the JCGS Music Meeting August 7, 2018

Convened by Matt

1) Rob – Preludio Triston by Pujol, Scottish Choro by Villa Lobos

2) Steve Bismerck (guitar), Marge Bismerk (Bassoon) – Nocturne No. 1 by Burgmuller

3) John S. – Variation on Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring (original composition)

4) Brian – I Don’t Know Why by Nora Jones, For My Wedding by Larry John McNally

4) Joe – Dream Time Rag, Lokelani (original compositions)

5) Kevin McDowell – Heart Break Hotel (arranged by Kevin McDowell), Lemurian Dance (original composition)

6) Matt – Mysterious Habitats by Bogdanovic, Levantine Suite by Bogdanovic, Sounds of Bells by Guimaraes


Grant Ruiz will play on Aug. 18 from 11am-2pm at Portland Farmers Market at PSU with flamenco guitarist Berto Boyd, on Sunday, Aug. 19 at Lents International Farmers Market in Portland with Flamenco Pacifico (some time between 9am and 2pm), on Tuesday, Aug. 21 at the OSF Green Show with Dan Fellman starting at 6:45, and on Friday, Aug. 24 at the OSF Green Show with the Britt Guitar Trio (Ed Dunsavage, Mark Nelson) starting at 6:45. The Green Shows may be moved to the Black Swan Theater if the air quality is poor.

Respectfully Submitted by Bob Bath

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