Recap of Music Meeting July 11, 2017

We enjoyed another fantastic evening of excellent music Tuesday, July 11th at the beautiful Paschal Winery in Talent with 21 in attendance (only 7 players).

Please plan to attend the next music meeting, August 1st. In order to continue at this fabulous venue, we want to make the meetings profitable for the winery. Besides the fine wine, a cheese plate, chocolate cake ala mode and chocolate bars are available. You may also wish to take advantage of Paschal’s wine club benefits.

Thanks to all who turned out for the July 11th meeting. Barista Wendy and the house had a good night.


Arturo Ville – Echoes of the Rogue River,  A. Ville

Arturo Ville and Sam Cooper – Cancion Mixteca and Ella by Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Sam Cooper – Monday Morning Blues by Bob Douglas

John Swinnerton – The Road Home-original

Marshall Dixon – Waltz by Bartolome Calatayud, jiga Inglesa by Gaspar Sanz

Karma & Rob Rhodes – Jenny Pluck Pears (Celtic, composer unknown), Hewlett (Turlough Carolan)

Rob Rhodes – Gone (Jim Chappell)

Steve Bismarck – “O Jovem Jobim” Bossa nova medley of songs by Tom Jobim:  1. One Note Samba, 2. So Danco Samba, 3. Slightly Out of Tune

Matt Ross gave a very interesting lecture on Bach and other composers of the Baroque Era.


The guitar society’s board of directors has determined that it is time to hold elections for the board. Each board member has a 2-year term, and it has been at least this long until elections have been held. Further, we have a couple of board members who are considering stepping down. The election will be held at the monthly general meeting the first Tuesday of October, the 3rd. This will give potential candidates the opportunity to consider being part of the society’s future direction. If you are interested in running for the board, please respond to this message.

We are lucky enough to have two guest artists lined up in the next few months. In September it will be James Bishop-Edwards, who is preparing a program for out-on-town concerts. In November, Mario Diaz of the Portland Guitar Quartet will play for us.

James Edwards will present a special salon concert on July 30 at 4pm. at a private residence in Ashland. Please refer to the previously sent email for details. You may RSVP to James at 541-840-0832 or to Roma at 541-890-0362.

Please see below for information about the upcoming La Guitarra Festival September 22-24 in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Grant Ruiz
Flamenco and classical guitarist
Adjunct guitar instructor, SOU
Secretary, JCGS

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