David Russell In Concert

Presented by Jefferson Public Radio and Jefferson Classical Guitar Society

Ashland High School
Mountain Avenue Theatre
201 S. Mountain Ave.
Ashland, Oregon

Saturday, April 26, 2008, 8:00 PM


$25.00 General,
$5.00 SOU Students,
Children under 12 free

CD or Not CD
343 East Main St.
Ashland, OR
Central Art Supply
101 N. Central Ave.
Medford, OR

For tickets on-line, go to
Jefferson Public Radio
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David Russell Concert

Sunday, April 27 10:00 am

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GRAMMY award winner in 2005 for his CD AIRE LATINO, in the category of best instrumental soloist in classical music.

Classical guitarist David Russell is world renowned for his superb musicianship and inspired artistry, having earned the highest praise from audiences and critics alike. In recognition of his great talent and his international career, he was named a Fellow of The Royal Academy of Music in London in 1997.

In May 2003 he was bestowed the great honor of being made “adopted son” of Es Migjorn, the town in Minorca where he grew up. Recently the town named a street after him, “Avinguda David Russell”, in recognition for his musical career.

In November 2003 he was given the Medal of Honor of the Conservatory of the Balearics.

After winning the grammy award, the town of Nigrán in Spain where he resides, gave him the silver medal of the town in an emotional ceremony.

During his studies at the Royal Academy, Mr. Russell won twice the Julian Bream Guitar Prize. Later he won numerous international competitions, including the Andrés Segovia Competition , the José Ramírez Competition and Spain’s prestigious Francisco Tárrega Competition .

David Russell spends his time touring the world, appearing regularly at prestigious halls in main cities, such as New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Toronto or Rome. Concert-goers everywhere are in awe of Mr. Russell’s musical genius and inspired by his captivating stage presence. His love of his craft resonates through his flawless and seemingly effortless performance. The attention to detail and provocative lyrical phrasing suggest an innate understanding of what each individual composer was working to achieve, bringing to each piece a sense of adventure.

This year he received a homage from the music conservatory of Vigo, culminating with the opening of the new Auditorium, to which they gave the name “Auditorio David Russell”.

Since 1995 David Russell has an exclusive recording contract with Telarc International, with whom he has recorded eleven CDs up to now, among them Aire Latino, which received a grammy this year.

The New York Times wrote about his performance: “… Mr. Russell made his mastery evident without ever deviating from an approach that places musical values above mere display. It was apparent to the audience throughout the recital that Mr. Russell possesses a talent of extraordinary dimension”.

Upon hearing play in London, Andrés Segovia wrote: “My congratulations on your musicality and guitaristic technique”.

Visit Mr. Russell’s website at: www.DavidRussellGuitar.com
Visit Jefferson Public Radio’s website at: www.ijpr.org/

Rave Reviews from Around the World:

“Mr. Russell made his mastery evident without ever deviating from an approach that placed musical values above mere display. It was apparent to the audience throughout the recital that Mr. Russell possesses a talent of extraordinary dimension.”
····· The New York Times

“He played each work with complete assurance as he gradually divulged a musical imagination that stretched far beyond the limitations of the six strings.”
····· The Washington Post

I have heard in concert Andrés Segovia, Yepes… and all the best guitarists of the 20th century. None of those concerts were like the one David Russell offered in the Teatro Jovellanos for the Philharmonic Society. Russell, like good wines, gets better with the time, becomes stronger and more perfect. Before an enthusiastic audience, he offered a sublime recital.
Russell is the indisputable maestro of the classical guitar, the synthesis of Segovia’s school with the best English school of Julian Bream, enriched with an exceptional sense of colour and musicality. He is friendly both in his manner and in his touch. With naturalness, almost simplicity, but with an absolute knowledge of the guitar, he displayed a wonderful programme.
A marvelous recital on the guitar of a charming performer, David Russell.
Ramón Avelló.
El Comercio (Gijón)

“Russell commands practically all means of expression possible on the guitar but he handles it with an extraordinary discipline only at the service of the tone and interpretation. He belongs to the greatest in the art of guitar.”
····· Bonner Rundsschau (Germany)

“David Russell’s extremely flexible and clear playing sounded so smooth and distinguished that he won over the audience instantly. He showed his ability and the audience held its breath.. .there existed no doubt whatsoever; here excelled a real master on the guitar.”
····· Eindhovens Dagblad (Holland)

“His Bach Chaconne was about the most moving and impressive performance I have ever heard on any instrument. By the end I felt I would rather hear Mr. Russell play this piece than very nearly any violinist. This was a recital to remember. I hope we hear Mr. Russell again and soon.”
····· The Irish Times

“Russell is perhaps the most gifted guitarist on the international scene. He is an artist of formidable technical accomplishment and wonderfully sophisticated musicianship. He drew forth spellbindingly evocative playing and a luscious singing tone.. He captured the seductive, infectious rhythms with a breathtaking amalgam of delicacy and sweep.”
····· The Atlanta Constitution

“Russell makes no compromises. His musical taste is impeccable; his rhythmic security allows him to create tension by purely musical means, always at the service of the composer’s imagination… He also has a keen ear that prompts him to layer the sounds he draws from his instrument in a highly individual fashion. He successfully keeps at least three distinct sound qualities moving at the same time, convincing a casual listener that there must be several performers on the stage at the same time.. He astonished his listeners with the sheer virtuosity of his playing, the incredible fluency that has him moving his fingers about with an ease that is almost insulting.”
····· The Ottawa Citizen

“If an algebraic equation were to establish the difference between a good interpreter and a magnificent performer, what happened last Friday at Russell’s concert could be solved with a formula. The audience, suspended between astonishment and ovations for more than two hours in front of an infinite sonorous universe, composed of souls vibrating like multiple halos of light. And he, the Lord of the guitar, weaving from the stage, for the other four hundred gathered, a tribute to harmony and perfection.
····· Il Gazzettino di Treviso (Italy)

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