Jaxon Williams with AHS Orchestra

Jaxon Williams Performs
Vivaldi Guitar Concerto
with AHS Orchestra

JCGS member, Jaxon Williams was the featured performer with the Ashland High School Orchestra in a performance of Vivaldi’s, Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra in D Major. The event was the school’s annual Winter Fine Arts Festival. The performance was on Friday, January 23 and Saturday, January 24, 2004 and took place in the AHS Theater, 201 S. Mountain Ave., in Ashland. Jaxon, a 15 year old sophomore honors student at Ashland High School, has played the guitar since the age of 7. He is involved in the AHS sports program, participating in football, swimming and track and field. He is the son of Ashland residents Doug and Ronda Williams and a guitar student of Joseph Thompson.

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