Welcome to the Jefferson Classical Guitar Society

Dear friends of the guitar,

The next meeting of the Jefferson Classical Guitar Society will be on Thursday, May 19 at 6:00 pm.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS DATE CHANGE from the customary 2nd Thursday so we can present the Folias Duo, who will be returning to the Jefferson Classical Guitar Society. We will have our customary open mic for the first hour, Folias Duo will play a set of music starting at 7 PM.

While admission is free, we will be “passing the hat” for the Folias Duo.

degasDo you love the Classical Guitar or want to know more about it? Then the Jefferson Classical Guitar Society is for you! The Jefferson Classical Guitar Society is a public, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the classical guitar in all its forms throughout the State of Jefferson, covering much of northern California and southern Oregon.

The society is here to introduce people to the classical guitar as well as to indulge those who already enjoy it. This includes arranging performances and educational programs by visiting and local artists. The society is based on an appreciation of the classical guitar, its technique and repertoire. We are also interested in related instruments, such as the lute and the vihuela, as well as other kinds of music that people like to hear or play on the classical guitar, such as flamenco, jazz, Latin, and ragtime.

The society started in September 2001, and became active very quickly. On March 2, 2002, the society sponsored its first master class taught by James Kline followed on March 3rd by its first concert, given by James Kline and David Rogers. Since then, the society has been very busy sponsoring concerts and masterclasses by artists such as Dusan Bogdanovic, Brad Richter, Michael Partington, Martha Masters, Jason Vieaux, James Edwards, Philip Hii, Ana Vidovic, Mark Taylor, Marc Teicholz, Denis Azabagic, Paul Galbraith, José Luis Merlín, Adam del Monte, David Russell, Johannes Möller, Zoran Dukić and Pedro Cortés.

Paschal's Winery Tasting Room

Paschal’s Winery Tasting Room

This is a very exciting time to be involved in the classical guitar, since we are in the middle of a renaissance of the instrument. There are many wonderful artists who play the classical guitar in a variety of styles, and we intend to give the community as many chances as possible to hear this beautiful, intimate instrument!

We meet monthly to discuss guitar-related issues and events, as well as to play. People of all levels and abilities are welcome to attend — to play, or just to listen. For more information, navigate to the Meetings Page, or call 541-261-3811 or send e-mail to jeffersonclassical@gmail.com.

The JCGS Website is open to all visitors. Please feel free to peruse these pages to learn more about the JCGS and our membership. There are numerous little nooks and crannies to explore. Just like the JCGS itself, this website is in a continual state of evolution so come back to visit frequently.

If you would like to become a member, please remember to pay your annual dues, which are only $25 and are good from January 1 to December 31, no matter when you pay in the year. “To become a member, please contact the treasurer at a monthly meeting or email jeffersonclassical@gmail.com
To learn more about our organization, its Board of Directors, and the officers’ duties, please consult our bylaws.”

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